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Roof Edge Protection

Falls account for about 22% of the leading causes of fatalities in the construction site, according to recent statistics. Despite the increasing availability of safety gear and fall arrest solutions, the rate of fall accidents hasn’t really gone down to zero. With the invention of edge protection, however, we might just be able to achieve that for the first time.

Whether you are a home or business owner maintaining your roof or a contractor faced with all sorts height work hazard, a well-installed roof edge protection can provide you and your personnel with a safe working environment. And who better can provide you with durable and reliable roof edge protection than GMZ Roofing, one of New Zealand’s rising stars in the construction industry?
What exactly is edge protection?

When you stand along the edge of your balcony, no matter how high above the ground it is, you feel safe and confident because there’s a railing that prevents you from falling off. That’s exactly the purpose of a roof edge protection. It is meant to serve as a railing along the originally unfortified edge of where you will be working on, particularly the roof.

Unlike actual railing, however, a roof edge protection is just a temporary structure, which begs the question, how can it be reliable if it isn’t fixed? Truth is a roof edge protection system consists of columns, ledges, and braces securely connected by a series of brackets, couples, and spigots to obtain maximum stability. The base of the structure is also carefully embedded or bolted on a stable ground for foundation. As a matter of fact, various building codes exist to regulate the construction of roof edge protection systems.

Unfortunately, it takes more than just building codes to ensure the performance, safety, and durability of a roof edge protection system. The materials it is made of and the builder’s expertise are also essential to a successful installation. That’s where we come in.
Why Choose GMZ Roofing

There are plenty of reasons why GMZ Roofing is the provider of choice for many residential and commercial building owners as well as developers and contractors in and around Auckland, especially when it comes to roof edge protection.
Superior Materials.

It’s a no-brainer but yes, using the highest quality materials available is our obsession. Every roof edge protection system we build consists of high-grade scaffold tubes that fit even in situations where parapets and flat roofs, tilt panels, and retaining walls are in the way.
Excellent Workmanship.

We are roofers ourselves. We’ve tried every fall arrest equipment we are offering, so we can attest to their performance and durability. Our understanding of the dangers of working at height has allowed us to go above and beyond the conventional installation work. Whenever we install a roof edge protection system, we always presume that it is us who will use it.

Say goodbye to your old scaffolding. Finish any traditional fall protection hire contract. It’s high time you upgrade to a better commercial scaffolding that offers efficient fall protection and safe work platforms. GMZ Roofing’s roof edge protection is a cost-effective solution to your high workplace accident rate. Make sure to visit our Contact page to get in touch with us and learn more about our products and services. Our representatives will be more than willing to fill you in with updates on our products. See you on your next journey up the ladder.

To find out more about our safety procedures,  please email us: info@gmzroofing.co.nz