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In case your roof is too old to sustain or is damaged beyond repairs, we can safely remove it and install the new one to the recommended building code and quality standards. Based on your needs and budget preference, we can provide various roofing options to choose from.

A damaged or leaking roof is the last thing you want in your home or commercial property. But constant exposure to environmental factors, such as moisture, storm and UV rays, makes your roof weak and highly susceptible to damage over time. GMZ Roofing provides apt roofing solutions based on the roof’s condition and your budget – nothing less, nothing more.
Attention to detail combined with superior roofing material

If your previous roof didn’t last long, we promise that the new one will. With superior roofing material and cutting-edge installation practices, we guarantee a roof that stands the test of time with little to no maintenance. Our roofing solutions are not only offered at the best price but are also backed by a long-term warranty to ensure your peace of mind.
With more qualified roofing experts, you have less to worry

GMZ Roofing has a team of certified, experienced specialists who make sure that the highest quality standards and manufacturer’s guidelines are met in every area of installation. When we install your roof, we always put extra effort and use a little more nails and adhesives to make sure your roof stays strong in the face of environmental threats, for years to come..

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