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5 Red Flags that You Need Re-Roofing Services Soon


Roofs are not made to last forever. They get old, deteriorate, and fall apart like everything else. It’s important to inspect your roof regularly to determine when to call a trusted roofing company like GMZ Roofing for repair, maintenance, or replacement. Don’t wait until leak starts wreaking havoc in your attic before you ring them up. Here are some revealing signs that you need re roofing services as soon as possible.

Shingles or tiles are firmly installed on the roof’s underlayment so they are not supposed to be easily removed or dismantled. If you found out that there are a couple of shingles missing, don’t ignore it not only because the empty slots may funnel rainwater into your house but also because it can be a sign of a more serious problem brewing above your head. Especially if your area wasn’t hit by a bad storm recently, it could indicate that the entire roof is starting to fall apart due to old age and something has to be done soon.

Rust in Metal Roofs

Many metal roofs are rusted that will, if left untreated, progress into holes and leaks. Badly rusted metal roofs may be past repairing and it may be more economical to re-roof.

Sags and Cave-Ins

Roofs need to maintain a flat, slanted surface to ensure runoff falls into the gutter and away from your home’s walls and footing. Any dip may cause water to pool and slowly seep through gaps, causing serious damage to the underlying structure. If neglected, water can make its way into the attic and down to your ceiling. Most cases of sagging on the roof are beyond repair because the underlying structure is no longer structurally reliable in which case replacement is the only viable option.

Severe Damage

When was the last time you had a roofer inspect your roof? If it’s been more than a few years, chances are your roof is already seriously worn. Don’t be surprised to see rust, cracks, punctures, holes, and splits all over the place. Assess the state of the roof right away and determine if the damage can still be repaired. If you find damage across the roof instead of just in certain areas, then replacement is the best course of action.

Granules in the Gutter

The granules accumulating in your gutter come from the asphalt shingles. These are pulverized minerals that comprise the top layer of the shingles. Over time, as the shingles get exposed to the elements, this layer of minerals dislodge. They then get flushed to the gutter by runoff. Losing granules exposes less resistant layers of the shingles, which could lead to complete damage of your roof.

Replacing your roof is a big decision, considering the huge budget it entails. However, if all the signs show that it is the best course of action, don’t stall and resort to fixing problems as they emerge. It might surprise you to know that you can actually save more when you install a new roof than when you keep fixing damage.

That said, there are certain considerations you need to make for a successful roof installation. You should learn more about “reroof vs new roof”, for instance. A professional roofer from GMZ Roofing can help figure out which is better for your situation. If you opt for reroofing, find out how much to reroof a house, although that would certainly cost less than constructing a roof from scratch.




Post time: Jul-24-2019